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That's what Creighton guard Nick Bahe said about his team's inability to finish games, after their 68-60 loss to Southern Illinois.

"There's no Mariano Rivera in us, no closer,'' Creighton guard Nick Bahe said. "We lack that mentality. We need to put 40 minutes together, and we can't seem to do that.''
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From Peter Abraham:

Rivera is against the Johan Santana deal because he believes Melky Cabrera, Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy will develop into top-flight players.
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From the Commercial Dispatch:

“Even though he plays for the Yankees, I sat down and talked with him for about an hour after the All-Star Game was over and just tried to pick his brain,” Papelbon said. “At the end of our conversation, he said, ‘Pap look, you're going to follow me, but you are going to do it for a different team and just always remember that closers have to have a short term memory. You have to walk into the office the next day (after you blow a save) and act like nothing happened.' I've kind of taken that approach.”