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Posted by: Patrick
We have sort of an update, non-update. Wallace Matthews of reports that Rivera was in the Yankees clubhouse for the first time in a while and he was walking fine. He's working in therapy to strengthen his knee prior to surgery. No date has been set for it.
Posted by: Patrick
YouTube channel NOC has released a Mariano Rivera themed parody of the song "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey. The clip features a Yankee fan wishing for a healthy recovery from Mr. Rivera. Watch below.

Via Mr. Diaz.
Posted by: Patrick
Mariano Rivera's complication was revealed today. He has a blood clot in his right calf.

A blood clot can be life threatening if not caught in time. Luckily, Rivera felt pain and told a doctor, who examined him and discovered the clot. He's now on blood thinning medication to clear it.
Posted by: Patrick
Mariano Rivera's agent, Fernando Cuza, told the New York Post that the injured closer was not able to set a date for his surgery because they ran into "complications." He refused further comment, referring the newspaper to Brian Cashman and Dr. Chris Ahmad, the Yankees team physician.

Whatever it is, ESPN is reporting it isn't serious, quoting an unknown source. In addition, without going into details, Cashman said that what Rivera has is "correctable."
Posted by: Patrick
In the clip below, Mariano Rivera talks with ESPN's Pedro Gomez about his decision to return this season.

Posted by: Patrick
After yesterday's injury, Mariano Rivera has released a statement on his Facebook page.

"Thank you fans, friends and family for your prayers, well wishes and support," he wrote. "I will be OK. I will be back."
Posted by: David
I have been blogging/ posting about Mariano Rivera for 8 years. I have enjoyed every minute of it. When Mo enters the game to the strains of "Enter Sandman", I get my little spindle notepad out and log every pitch of each AB. I then use this as the source for my postings.

He has performed with such grace and dignity since 1995 that I guess all of us knew that eventually it would end some day. However, we imagined it being in the last game of the World Series this year at the stadium.

I do wonder if Mo made up his mind in spring training? Will he now reconsider and try to rehab after surgery and come back next year? All these questions are going through the minds of baseball fans.

We should not be selfish! Mo doesn't owe us anything. We all need to pray for him and his family as he faces this new challenge in his life.

If he decides to retire, Mo thanks for the ride and I will be there in Cooperstown when you are inducted.
Posted by: Patrick
Steiner Sports, a memorabilia company that represents Mariano Rivera, is accepting get well cards for injured closer. You can send them to:

Get Well Mo
Steiner Sports
145 Huguenot St
New Rochelle, NY 10801
Posted by: Patrick's Bryan Hoch quotes a tearful Mariano Rivera, saying that he does not know if he will pitch again.

His head bowed and his eyes welling with tears, Mariano Rivera stood in the center of the visiting clubhouse at Kauffman Stadium and said that he does not know if he will pitch in the Major Leagues again.

"At this point, I don't know," Rivera said, repeating softly, "At this point, I don't know. I have to face this first."


Update: has video.
Posted by: Patrick
Joe Girardi has revealed that Mariano Rivera "appears" to have a torn ACL. River Avenue Blues reported on his remarks.

He will be going back to New York to receive another examination by team doctors, but if it is a torn ACL, it will likely mean that his season is over. According to the report, a torn ACL probably means that he'll need 6-8 months to recover. Awful news.
Posted by: Patrick
Prior to tonight's game in Kansas City, Mariano Rivera was fielding fly balls in the outfield as he often does. Unfortunately, a freak accident led to him being down on the field for an extended period. as USA TODAY reports, he was diagnosed with a twisted knee and was taken to the hospital for an MRI to determine the severity of the injury.

Update: ESPN has video.