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Posted by: Patrick has an auction for a Mariano Rivera experience for a child aged 7-12. The proceeds will benefit The Rosenbaum Yeshiva. Here are some more details on what is being auctioned:

- 1 Child Age 7-12 will participate in the August 14, 2007 Mariano Rivera Yankees clinic with Yankee legend Mariano Rivera as well as two coaches or Yankee alumni. The event will be held on August 14, 2007 starting at 1:00PM on the field at Yankee Stadium (Bronx, NY) and continue through the day. Clinic on the field from 1:30-2:30PM, and continues with tour of monument park, QA with coach/alum and more!

- 3 Main (1 child and 2 Chaperones) reserved outfield tickets to the Yankees vs. Baltimore game at 7:05PM on the same night

- Lunch at the Sidewalk cafe

- Yankee Novelty items

- Signed Mariano Rivera 8x10 photo and more!

The auction sits at $1,100 with no bids.
Posted by: Patrick
From The Denver Post:

Growing up in a poor neighborhood on the outskirts of Panama City, Manny Corpas was able to watch just two major-league teams on television: the Atlanta Braves and the New York Yankees.

That Yankees reliever Mariano Rivera also hailed from Panama City appealed to Corpas, of course, but there was more to it than that. Corpas found the image of Rivera, staring down opposing batters, then blowing them away, irresistible.
Posted by: Patrick
With a 4 run lead, Mo entered to pitch the top of the ninth on Sunday. Miguel Tejada led off the innings with a single. Mo struck out Aubrey Huff and Jay Gibbons to get to 2 outs. Tejada was able to advance to second on a wild pitch. Paul Bako singled and moved up on fielder's indifference, making it 2nd and 3rd with 2 out for Chris Gomez. But, that's how it would end and Mo struck out his 3rd batter of the inning to end the game.

No decision for him, but his ERA is down to 3.05.
Posted by: Patrick
Update: This situation has been resolved for now. Read more.

Hey all,

I just wanted to go ahead and confirm that we were, in fact, being threatened by SFX Baseball (the people that represent Mo), as reported by the Pride of the Yankees blog. I've submitted the letter to Chilling Effects and I hope to link to it soon, but I thought I'd touch base and explain what is going on and what I'm thinking.

On July 26, I received a letter from SFX Baseball, dated July 20. The person writing the letter identified himself as legal counsel for SFX (not Mr. Rivera), but is writing me on behalf of him. Allegedly, my actions violate the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act. Among other things, they say that this website is not a "bona fide offering of any goods or services" and that my intent in creating this site was to trick people into coming to this website instead a website operating with Mr. Rivera's approval.

In line with that, they "demand" that I immediately cease and desist my use of the domain name and give it to them. They want written confirmation saying that I will do it by 5:00 PM on August 10 or they'll... well... do what they need to do without any further notice to me. And that's pretty much the summation of it.

What strikes me most about this is the accusations of unethical behavior here. I registered the domain name because I wanted to create a Mariano Rivera fan site and it was the best domain available. End of story. Our intentions are good. Our intent was never, at any point in time, to trick people into thinking this was Mariano Rivera's official website. At the top of every page, it says "Unofficial Mariano Rivera Fan Site". In the subject line of the home page, it says "Unofficial Mariano Rivera Fan Site". It says it in other locations, as well. We have never said, in any way, shape or form that we are otherwise. We've worked hard on this site and we've put many hours in. Why? Because we're Mariano Rivera fans and Yankees fans.

While I am fully aware that it is typical boilerplate - I don't care. It's not like we're selling forged autographs, trying to trick people into something or passing ourselves as official. This is a good fan site. We've been in operation since April 4, 2004 - that's 3 years and nearly 5 months. We are the largest (and perhaps only) Mariano Rivera fan site on the internet. We have covered nearly every appearance he's made since we launched. It is unacceptable for us to be threatened in this fashion and to be treated as if we are thieves. This is what bothers me the most.

Please keep in mind that I am not saying that I have a legal right to the domain name, necessarily. Not at all. I'm just speaking from the heart on the issue. I don't know what I am going to do, yet. Even if I thought I did have some sort of right to fight, I'm not sure that I would. For one, I don't even have the money to fight. I've never had an attorney in my life. I just don't make that much money, yet.

But, for two, this is a Mariano Rivera fan site. If he really, really wants the domain, I'm more or less inclined to give it to him. We are here to support him (not SFX Baseball, however). And that's what kind of stings about this. Please note that I am sure that Mo has no idea that this is going on or that this is what his handlers are doing. Not this specific case, anyway. They are employed to represent him and this is part of what they do. If Mo was aware of this specific instance and how they approached us, I am almost certain that he would be disappointed. This action, by his reps, does not affect my feelings toward Mr. Rivera at all.

Above all, I'm most disappointed in the way they approached us. It doesn't take much time to see what this site is about and how it's a good thing for Mariano. To blindly throw around offensive boilerplate letters and try to throw us up against the wall like a typical cybersquatter is completely, completely inappropriate. I don't know why they couldn't have approached us respectfully and asked nicely? Maybe thanked us for what we've done and offered to work with us or something. I don't know if they realize what a real cybersquatter is. But, if you failed to register your client's domain name for the first 7+ years of his career and then you suddenly decide that you want it another 5 years later after a good fan site has been operating on it for 3 years and 5 months, you should be happy that it's in the hands of a fan, rather than an actual cybersquatter because then you'd be looking at someone who cares nothing about your client and would be more inclined to simply give it to you. They, apparently, failed to recognize this and just decided to treat us all the same. It's terrible.

So, where to from here? Well, I've passed the letter around a bit. I don't have an attorney, like I said, but I do have some friends that have a legal background or may be able to help in some way. So, I'm getting feedback. (If you are an attorney and would like to offer your advise, please feel free to contact me and I'll send you a copy of the letter). I'll keep you updated as this progresses. In the mean time, continue to stay tuned for the latest Mo news here at

Thank you for reading.
Posted by: David
The Yankees started Friday night in Baltimore having to finish the suspended game from June 28th. The Yankees had just taken the lead back then on a two run single from Derek Jeter during a driving downpour.

Tonight the game was resumed! The Yankees couldn't add any more runs. In fact, if A-Rod would have hit a home run, it wouldn't have been his 500th, it would have his 493rd and the one he hit the another night in Kansas City would be credited as his 500th.

Mike Myers started the eighth and got the first out but then walked a batter. Mo entered and, on the second pitch to Aubrey Huff, he induced an inning ending 4-6-3 double play.

In the ninth, the Yankees went scoreless and Mo was up to save the game. He started out great by striking out Miguel Tejada for the first out. Tejada was pinch hitting for Melvin Mora who had been thrown out on June 28th for arguing with the umpire for not stopping the game sooner. The Orioles were leading 6-4 before the Yankees struck for four runs before the rains came.

Corey Patterson was up next and he doubled to right center. Ramon Hernandez pinch hit for Paul Bako and he singled up the middle to score Patterson and make the score 8-7. Jay Payton was next and he grounded to Jeter at short who forced Hernandez but threw wide to first and pulled Phillips off the bag and Payton was safe. Brian Roberts battled and almost ended the game when he hit a ball deep to right but foul. He proceeded to single down the third base line and pushed Payton to third. With the tying run only ninety feet away, Mo toughened and got Fahey to ground to Cano at second and he beat Roberts to the bag to end the game.

For Rivera it was his 16th save of the year and his ERA now stands at 3.12.
Posted by: David
Since Rivera has not worked since the first game of the doubleheader on Saturday afternoon, it was time to get him some work.

Mo entered in the ninth with the Yankees comfortably ahead by a score of 7-1. He faced Alex Gordon to start the inning and threw a devastating cutter which broke his bat as he weakly grounded to first for the first out of the inning. He retired two of the next three batters with pinch hitter Jason Smith reaching on a bloop single over short.

Mo is 2-3 on the season with 15 saves in 17 save opportunities and his ERA now stands at 3.02.
Posted by: Patrick
Bryan Hoch, Mark Feinsand and Pete Caldera all have articles on Mo's mentorship of Luis Vizcaino. From Hoch:

Struggling through his first few months with the Yankees, Luis Vizcaino needed a shoulder to lean on. Mariano Rivera offered.
Now, with Vizcaino plugging away as one of the club's more reliable relievers, Rivera's gesture is paying dividends. But the closer seems reluctant to take much credit for Vizcaino's success.

"It's my job," Rivera said. "I think we have to accept that it's more than pitching. I've been here for [13] years and I have seen a lot. If I can help anybody, any of my teammates, to be better, I'm going to do that."
Posted by: Patrick
Mo was called on in the first game of a two game set on Sunday in New York. Scott Proctor actually started the 9th, having pitched the 8th. But, after allowing a lead off single to Greg Norton, Torre called on Mo.

B.J. Upton was the first batter that he faced and he singled, making it 1st and 2nd with no out. Mo struck out Carlos Pena for the 1st out and then induced a ground out off the bat of Delmon Young, pushing the runners up to 2nd and 3rd with 2 outs. Mo hit Ty Wigginton with a pitch to load them up, but struck out Jonny Gomes to end it.

There was no save to be had, but his ERA is now down to 3.10.
Posted by: Patrick
Mo took a 5 out save last night, helping the Yankees to a 6-1 victory. Even though they won by 5 runs, things got a little hairy, leading Torre to call on Mo to seal it up. After Brian Bruney and Ron Villone combined put runners on 1st and 2nd with 1 out in the 8th (with the Yankees having a 4-1 lead at the time), Mo was brought in to face Reed Johnson. He got him to hit a grounder which resulted in a force out at 2nd, making it 1st and 3rd for Home Run Derby runner up Alex Rios. But, Mo ended the threat by striking him out.

The Yankees added 2 insurance runs in the bottom of the 8th, making it 6-1 Yankees. And then Mo sat down the heart of the Blue Jays order (Vernon Wells, Troy Glaus and Frank Thomas) down in order to end the game. Mo allowed 0 hits and walked no one while striking out 1 in his 5 outs of work. He was credited with his 15th save of the season, pulling his ERA down to 3.18.
Posted by: Patrick
From Peter Abraham:

Mariano Rivera on his 425th save: “I can’t believe it. If you told me that 10 years ago, I would tell you you were drunk.”
Posted by: David
In a game that was dominated by the long ball on both sides, Rivera was summoned in the ninth to save the game as he entered with the Yankees leading 6-4.

He faced Troy Glaus to start the inning. Glaus had already homered twice during the game and just missed his third as Mo left a high fastball out over the plate and Glaus crushed it off the center field wall for a triple. But, Rivera bore down and struck out the next two batters - getting Frank Thomas swinging and Lyle Overbay looking. Aaron Hill then grounded to A-Rod at third for the final out with Glaus stranded at third.

Rivera now has 14 saves on the season and 427 for his career. His season ERA now stands at 3.32.
Posted by: David
Mariano Rivera gained his 13th save of the season and 426th of his career on Sunday afternoon in Florida as the Yankees beat Tampa Bay 7-6.

Rivera faced Iwamura to start the ninth and he blooped a single to center in front of the diving Melky Cabrera. Carl Crawford was awarded first base on catcher's indifference and the Yankee one run lead was tenuous at best.

Brendan Harris failed to sacrifice the runners and eventually hit into a double play - third to first. Carlos Pena was the last hope and Mo got him to pop up to third to end the game.

Rivera's ERA for the season now stands at 3.41.
Posted by: David
Mariano Rivera moved up another notch on the all time saves list on Saturday night by earning his 12th save of the season and 425th of his career.

He saved a victory for Chien-Ming Wang and the Yankees with a scoreless ninth inning. He faced Ty Wigginton to start the inning and after battling to 3-2, he bounced slowly to A-Rod at third for the first out. Jonny Gomes lined a single to right on an 0-2 pitch which caught too much of the plate. With the tying run at the plate, Mo got tough and struck out pinch hitter Jorge Cantu and then got Akinori Iwamura to end the game.

Rivera is 2-3 on the season with 12 saves in 14 opportunities. His ERA now stands at 3.50.
Posted by: Patrick
From Mark Feinsand:

According to a source, the Yankees are quietly reaching out to the agents for [Rivera and Posada] in an attempt to wrap up new contracts for the pair before the end of the season. ...

Rivera seemed open to the idea of discussing a new deal during the season, though Posada was firm in saying he wanted to become a free agent for the first time in his career.
Posted by: Patrick
With a 7-3 lead, Mo pitched the 9th and sat down the side in order. He struck out Johnny Gomes, got Raul Casanova to ground to first and struck out Josh Wilson. No save, but it brings his ERA down to 3.60.
Posted by: Patrick
Mo has been named as the closer on the All-Time Latin Stars team. He was selected through a voting process including fans, journalists and experts. Also making the team were Alex Rodriguez and Bernie Williams.

Posted by: Patrick
The Yankees lost a game, 2-1, in which they received an 8 IP, 1 ER start from The Rocket and committed 5 errors. In what was likely his final appearance of the first half (seeing as the Yankees are up 10-0 in the 5th on the Angels as I write this), Mo faced 8 batters over 2 innings. The two that reached were Orlando Cabrera (on a single) and Gary Matthews, Jr. (on Miguel Cairo's error - one of his 3 on the day). The Yankees would lose it when a Miguel Cairo error allowed the go ahead run to score in the top of the 13th and we were then unable to score Cairo from 3rd with 1 out in the bottom half.

Mo's ERA is now down to 3.71, the lowest it has been since April 14, when it was 0.00.

07/08: Mo Interview

Posted by: Patrick
Peter Abraham has an interview with Mo where he asked questions posed by the readers of his blog.

Seth: There are other closers that are extremely excitable like K-Rod and Papelbon. You’re more calm. What do you think is better?

Mariano Rivera: “Well, i don’t know, everybody has their own thing. I think it works for them … but personally I don’t like it. Personally I don’t like it. Personally, I like to give the respect to every hitter. Because every hitter feels like they’re insulted when they do all that kind of stuff. That’s their business and I do not care. But I prefer to stay the way I am.”

Funny thing, this actually crossed my mind last night as I watched K-Rod scream at the sky after he finished the game. It looked like he was none too pleased with the sky. And, honestly, the thought crossed my mind "I'm glad Mo doesn't do that." A fist pump, cool. But, all of that stuff... whatever.
Posted by: Patrick

Rivera was rushing out of the clubhouse Thursday afternoon when asked about Franco. "What happened to him?" Rivera asked.

Told he had tied Franco on the saves list, Rivera, friendly but hurried, credited his teammates and left.
Posted by: David
Mariano Rivera notched his 11th save of the season on Thursday afternoon vs. the Twins at Yankee Stadium. Hideki Matsui broke up a tie game with a two run homer in the bottom of the eighth. His round tripper gave the Yankees and Rivera a 7-5 lead.

Mo needed the lead as he was hit by the Twins. Luis Rodriguez led off with a line single to right. Jason Kubel pinch hit and hit a soft liner up the middle which just skimmed the cut out of the infield grass and skipped under Jeter's glove to center. Rodriguez took third on the play and the Twins were set up. Jason Tyner then pinch ran for Kubel. Jaosn Bartlett struck out for the first out. Tyner stole second to put the tying runs in scoring position. Joe Mauer grounded to deep short for the second out but a run scored to make it 7-6. With the tying run at second Mo faced Michael Cuddyer. He worked the count full before being called out on a check swing by the first base umpire to end the game.

For Rivera it was his 11th save of the season and 424th of his career which ties him with John Franco for third place all time. His season ERA now stands at 3.94.
Posted by: Patrick
Mariano a scoreless 9th to finish off an 8 inning, 2 hit gem by Roger Clemens, giving the Yankees a 5-1 win over the Twins at the Stadium. But, it wasn't without a little drama.

Mo was summoned to face the top of the order, beginning with number 1 hitter Luis Castillo, who grounded out. However, Jason Bartlett and Joe Mauer put up back to back singles to make it 1st and 2nd for clean up hitter Michael Cuddyer. Mo got Cuddyer to ground into a 5-3 double play to end the game.

No decision for Mr. Rivera, whose ERA now falls to 3.77.
Posted by: Patrick
With June coming to a close, I thought we'd take a look at Mo's season divided by the 3 months of baseball played so far.

Month  G W L  S BS   IP HR BB  K   ERA WHIP  BAA
April 9 1 2 1 2 7.2 1 3 8 10.57 1.83 .333
May 10 0 1 3 0 10.1 2 1 10 1.74 0.77 .189
June 10 1 0 6 0 12.0 0 1 12 1.50 0.92 .227
Total 29 2 3 10 3 30.0 3 5 30 3.90 1.10 .246
As you can see, he's had 2 awesome months (not his fault he's not being used) and one really, really bad one. That first one was so bad that it's pulled his overall numbers up a ton. But, if he continues to pitch as strongly as he did in May and June, those numbers will continue to come down, as well.