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From the Yankees' official site:

The Yankees will wait a bit longer before getting Mariano Rivera into game action. The 38-year-old closer, building up his arm strength, will throw a side session on Friday and is not expected to pitch in a Grapefruit League game until Wednesday against the Twins.

"No one knows his body better than he does," Girardi said.
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Lisa Kennelly offers that Mo's last road game in spring training was on March 28, 2005 against the Blue Jays in Dunedin, FL. Though, she mentions, he did appear in an April 1, 2006 game against the Diamondbacks in Arizone, the Dunedin game was the last time as far as going in a bus.
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According to Ed Price and Kat O'Brien, it's been a long running joke that Mo never needs his gray pants in spring training because he never pitches road games before the season starts.

That may change. "We all have grey pants," Joe Girardi is quoted as saying, though he wouldn't elaborate on what it meant as far as Mo. When he was asked if Mo would be allowed to continue with this tradition, he said, "I don't know about that. I know what he'd like."

O'Brien says that she shared this with Mo and he laughed and said he has pitched during road spring training games before.
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Yesterday, Andy Pettitte held a press conference to address the media in regard to his congressional testimony, his HGH use and where to go from here. Mo was in attendance, along with Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada, in support of his long time teammate.

"I just wanted to be a support, be a teammate for him," Rivera said as he departed. "He's a great teammate of mine. We've been through tough times in baseball. Why not support him? I consider Andy my friend and he's one of my closest teammates I've ever had. I'm glad that I was here.

"He said what he had to say and he was open to everybody and I'm glad."
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The New York Post and The Tampa Tribune have quotes from Mariano, sharing his belief that Andy Pettitte will get through this tough period. He also spoke on his experiences with performance enhancing drugs (i.e. none).

"He is going to be fine," Rivera said. "We have to support him. I was surprised to see his name on the (Mitchell Report). But what can you do but pray for the man?"

"I called Andy to make sure he's OK," said Rivera, the 1999 World Series MVP who signed a $45 million, three-year deal in December. "Definitely, it's a distraction, but Andy's a strong guy. He didn't want to be in that situation, but he's going to be fine. We have to support him and be a teammate for him."

"Nobody has told me about it or introduced me to that stuff," he said. "It never crossed my mind to try those things ... because it's bad. I want to be the best example I can be. Andy admitted it. Now, the tough moment for him has passed. Move on, put it behind you and look forward."
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From the AP:

Mariano Rivera called Pettitte to make sure the pitcher was OK, and Posada said he sent text messages whenever he saw Pettitte on television. ...

Posada and Rivera both were surprised Pettitte used HGH. They wouldn't choose sides between Clemens' account and Pettitte's.

"I don't get in the middle of that. I don't like to assume who's right and who's not," Rivera said.