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Posted by: Patrick mentions that Mariano Rivera threw his first bullpen session of the 2012 spring training. No news is good news.

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Following up on hints that Mariano Rivera may retire after the 2012 season, Hal Steinbrenner told's Barry M. Bloom that the closer is welcome back if he wants to return.

"He's obviously a lifelong Yankee," he said. "When he decides to retire someday -- whenever that may be -- we all hope he's going to be wearing the pinstripes. No doubt about that."

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Posted by: Patrick's Bryan Hoch reports that Mariano Rivera has already made up his mind when it comes to whether or not he'll play after 2012 - but he's not sharing that decision just yet.

"I won't let you know now, but I know," Rivera is quoted as saying. "It doesn't depend on how I'm going to pitch. Always, I want to do my job, but I made my decision already."

He said that the decision will not change based on how he pitches or what the Yankees offer him to stay. "Even if I save 90 games, even if they want to pay as much money as they want to - anything," he said.

Both Hoch and the AP indicate that Rivera is hinting at retirement.

When Jorge Posada retired in January, he said that Mo had told him that 2012 would be his last year - but Posada didn't believe it.