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Posted by: David
From all our writing staff and our faithful readers we wish you a happy and healthy 36th birthday.
Posted by: Patrick
Mo ended up 9th in the voting as fellow Yankee Alex Rodriguez (congrats A-Rod) took home the award. Mo finished with 59 points (1 3rd place vote, 1 4th, 1 5th, 3 6ths, 3 7ths, 1 8th, 3 9ths and 2 10ths). 13 people actually left him off their ballots - who are these people?

Anyway, he finished below Alex Rodriguez, David Ortiz, Vladimir Guerrero, Manny Ramirez, Travis Hafner, Paul Konerko, Mark Teixeira and Gary Sheffield. He finished ahead of Derek Jeter, Michael Young, Scott Podsednik, Johnny Damon, Hideki Matsui, Richie Sexson, Miguel Tejada, Chone Figgins, Victor Martinez, Jason Giambi, Brian Roberts, Jason Varitek, Eric Chavez, Huston Street, Bartolo Colon, Grady Sizemore, Bob Wickman, Jorge Cantu and Jose Contreras.

And so, the Mo for 2005 AL MVP/Cy Young comes to a close with him finishing 2nd in the Cy and 9th in the MVP. Thanks to everyone who supported Mo!