09/21: A-Rod Slam Sets Up Mo To Close Door

Posted by: David
A-Rod finally got a big hit. He was 1 for 25 coming into the AB. Bruce Bochy changed pitchers as he thought that Tim Lincecum was spent. George Kontos (a former Yankee) came in and A-Rod took him deep to right for a grand slam. It was his 24th career grand slam surpassing Lou Gehrig for the all time career record.

Prior to that both starting pitchers were on their game. CC Sabathia was great through seven innings and only surrendered one run. He was helped by some huge double plays to get him out of potential danger. Tim Linceum matched him until the eighth. Pablo Sandoval committed a huge error on a potential double play ball and Linceum got wild loading the bases. It all combined to set up A-Rod for the dramatic home run and give the Yankees a 5-1 lead.

David Robertson would get through the eighth and Mo was summoned to close the door.

It was not a save situation but Mo handled it with ease. He struck out Hunter Pence looking for the first out. He then threw a nasty cutter to Pablo Sandoval which jammed him and he hit a weak pop up to Cano for the second out. Hector Sanchez then grounded to first and Mo covered for the out to end the game.

Rivera lowered his 2013 season ERA to 2.21.

The Yankees still have a faint pulse in the Wild Care race as they moved to within 3 games.


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