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Posted by: David
Happy Birthday to Mariano Rivera. Today he is 40 years old. When most people reach the age of 40 they are inundated with jokes about being old and get gag gifts like a rocking chair. This is not the case for Mo. He is still at the top of his game and his amazing cutter still dominants hitters from both leagues.

Enjoy the day with your family Mariano and thanks for your part in bringing the 27th World Championship to New York. All of us Yankee fans wish you the best and we cant wait until Spring Training. Have a great day!
Posted by: Patrick
At the start of November, voting opened in the 2009 This Year in Baseball Awards with Mariano Rivera nominated in the Closer of the Year and Moment of the Year categories.

Bryan Hoch of reports that Rivera has a "commanding lead" over other nominees in the Closer of the Year category. Hoch doesn't mention anything about Mo's 500th save in the Moment of the Year category, while saying that Jeter's 2,722nd hit is "among the leaders."

Thanks. Mr. Diaz for the tip.
Posted by: Patrick
On Friday, Mariano Rivera was the honored guest at the seventh annual Joe Torre Safe At Home Foundation Gala. The press was on hand and's Bryan Hoch has a report.

"He's a Hall of Fame pitcher, but he's also a Hall of Fame person," Torre said of Rivera. "He's a great role model for these youngsters. He hasn't changed one bit from the first day I met him. I can't be more proud."

Said Rivera: "It feels great. I have tremendous respect for Mr. Torre and the Safe at Home foundation has done tremendous. They picked me to be the honoree tonight and I can't be more flattered."
Posted by: Patrick
Mariano Rivera will be honored at the seventh annual Joe Torre Safe At Home Foundation Gala on Friday evening in New York City.

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11/08: Thank You

Posted by: Patrick
Now that we've had a few days to savor the victory, I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who visits and supports

Thank you, as well, to my fellow blogger David for all of his efforts during the season, posting updates on Mr. Rivera's appearance. It was a great season for us and, obviously, the Yankees and Mr. Rivera. This is the first time the Yankees have won a title since the site launched, so you could say it was our first title, as well. Or not. Heh. Thanks again.
Posted by: Patrick
In the November 2 issue of ESPN Magazine, they listed the statistical leaders in a handful of categories for the decade spanning from 2000-2009 and Mariano Rivera had the most saves with 397.
Posted by: Patrick has a couple of great 360 degree panoramic images from yesterday's ticker tape parade in New York City. The first one features Mo with his family on his float. Check it out.
Posted by: Patrick
Mariano Rivera told's Bryan Hoch that he hurt himself during game 6 of the ALCS.

"It doesn't matter now," Rivera said. "It's over. Thank God it's over. It was manageable. 'Geno' did a tremendous job. Thank God we were able to do what we did, to put me on the field every day so I would have a chance."
Posted by: Patrick
Joe Ward, Amanda Cox, Matthew Ericson and Xaquin G.V. of The New York Times have put together an awesome infographic depicting Mariano Rivera's postseason history and results on a batter by batter basis. So worth it.

Via NPB Tracker.
Posted by: Patrick
During the on-field trophy ceremony last night, Mariano Rivera joked that he's ready to pitch five more years. But, it urns out that it was no joke. The closer told Chad Jennings: "I'm serious. I hope the organization does whatever it takes to bring me back."
Posted by: Patrick
Talking to MTV News, mega-pop star Lady Gaga confirmed her Yankee fandom and dropped a reference to Mr. Rivera. Check out the clip below.

Posted by: Patrick
During game 4 of the World Series, Mariano Rivera was shown holding a heating pad to his side or his ribs, in the bullpen. At the time, it was thought to be nothing and that he could just be keeping warm.

But, after the game last night, he admitted to an injury on ESPN, without going into a lot of detail. Check out the end of the video below. It sounds like he says that he "had some ribs going on; some injury that we don't want to talk about."

Posted by: David
This will seem somewhat arrogant to some baseball fans, but the long wait for our destiny is finally here after nine years. The Yankees got it done tonight with a 7-3 victory over the Philadelphia Phillies to lead the New York Yankees to the 27th championship in their illustrious history.

Mariano Rivera was last on the mound for the final out in 2000 when we beat the Mets. In 2001 he was on the mound but we all remember that crushing defeat at the hands of the Arizona Diamondbacks.

We got back in 2003 but the Florida Marlins and Josh Beckett had other ideas. In 2004 we had the collapse in the ALCS vs. the Boston Red Sox and then in 2005, 2006 and 2007 the Yankees were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs.

After not making the playoffs in 2008 it was obvious the Yankees needed an ace and to bolster their rotation. They did that with the addition of prime free agents CC Sabathia and A.J. Burnett. We also added Mark Teixeira to provide protection for A-Rod and the recipe for a championship was conceived.

Tonight we concluded that journey and we are again in our rightful place as champions of the world.

Andy Pettitte started and was great for 5 1/3. Joba Chamberlain followed and was able to complete the 6th and pitch into the seventh. Damaso Marte was absolutely brilliant tonight and throughout the entire World Series. He entered in the 7th with two on and having to face Chase Utley. He struck him out on three pitches to end the inning. He stayed on to start the eighth and struck out Ryan Howard.

Mo was then called with one out in the eighth. He struck out Jayson Werth swinging. Raul Ibanez battled for nine pitches and eventually belted a double over the head of Brett Gardner. It appeared that Gardner was playing too shallow and the ball sailed over his head. Mo then got Pedro Feliz to foul out to Posada to end the eighth.

With three outs to go to the championship Mo got Matt Stairs to line out to Jeter for the first out. Carlos Ruiz walked but then Jimmy Rollins flew deep to right for the second out. Shane Victorino battled for ten pitches but grounded to Cano at second to end the game and give the 27th championship to the Yankees.

Rivera had 41 pitches on the night and his postseason ERA remains at 0.75. For the series he appeared in all four Yankees wins with 2 saves and did not allow a run.

Hideki Matsui was named the MVP by having 3 home runs and 8 RBI with a batting average of .615.

For Rivera, Pettitte, Jeter and Posada it was their fifth championship of their careers which they all started in 1995.

I will now sign off as and I plan to take a ride and blast "We Are The Champions" by Queen.
Posted by: Patrick
Through December 11, is hosting voting for the This Year in Baseball Awards. You can vote for Mariano Rivera in the Closer and Moment of the Year categories. The moment was, of course, when he collected save number 500.

Thanks to Mr. Diaz for the tip.
Posted by: David
It looked like Mo would have an opportunity to save the game with the Yankees leading 4-3. Joba Chamberlain was pitching very well in the eighth inning. He had blown away Jayson Werth and Raul Ibanez and got two strikes on Pedro Feliz. However, Joba nibbled and the count got to 3-2. Joba's next pitch was too far inside and Feliz cheated on it and sent it over the wall in left to tie the score at four.

The 2009 Yankees never panic! Brad Lidge the closer for the Phillies entered and got two quick outs. He then faced Johnny Damon and got him to two strikes on his patented slider. Damon battled and continued to foul off pitches and eventually was able to line a single to left center. On the first pitch to Texeira he stole and with the shift on, third baseman Pedro Feliz took the throw at second. However, this left third base open and Damon outran Feliz to make it to the open bag with Lidge was late covering. Tex was hit by a pitch and brought up A-Rod to be the hero. With the potential go ahead run on third, Lidge was reluctant to throw the slider and A-Rod lined a inside fastball down the line in left for a double to score Damon and make the score 5-4. Posada followed with a two run single to left center and give Mo and the Yankees a comfortable 7-4 lead.

Mo faced Matt Stairs and got him to ground to first unassisted for the first out. Jimmy Rollins popped to Tex and Shane Victorino grounded to Tex to end the game. Rivera's cutter was overpowering as the Philly hitters were jammed.

The save for Rivera is his 2nd of the World Series and 5th of the 2009 postseason. He now has 39 career postseason saves and his ERA now stands at 0.75.
Posted by: David
Tonight did not start out great for the Yankees as they fell behind 3-0 to the Phillies at Citizens Bank Park. Jason Werth connected for the first of his two home runs on the night and they later added two more due to some shoddy fielding by the Yankees on a Cole Hamels bunt play. Pettitte and Posada seemed confused and the ball went unfielded and Hamels reached to load the bases with no outs. Pettitte was able to minimize the damage to two runs, but the Phillies were ahead 3-0 with Hamels cruising.

In the fourth Texeira walked and A-Rod hit a ball down the right field line which appeared to hit the top of the wall. However, the replay showed that the ball hit the camera which was hanging over the fence. The umpires reviewed the play and it was called a home run and the Yankees were within a run at 3-2. Pettitte delivered a single with Swisher on second to tie the score and Damon added a two run double up the right center field alley to give the Yankees the lead at 5-3.

Nick Swisher would add a home run to give the Yankees a three run lead at 6-3, but Werth connected for his second home run to pull the Phillies back to within two runs at 6-4. The Yankees would add two more on an RBI single from Posada and a pinch hit home run from Hideki Matsui.

Joba Chamberlain and Damaso Marte pitched the seventh and eighth innings without any trouble and since the game was not a save situation Phil Hughes was called upon to close out the game.

Hughes retired Pedro Feliz but Carlos Ruiz took him deep to make the score 8-5 and Mo was summoned.

Rivera made quick work of Matt Stairs with a weak ground ball to second and then retired Jimmy Rollins on a weak pop up to A-Rod to end the game. Rivera's postseason ERA remains at 0.76.