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10/30: All's Quiet

Posted by: Patrick
All has been quiet here at for a while. Right now, you have to take no news as good news. Mariano had his surgery and it went well. And now, we wait.

But, with that said, the 2008 MLB season is now officially over as, last night, the Phillies topped the Rays to win their first title since 1980. Congratulations to the Phillies and their fans.
Posted by: Patrick
Today, Mo had surgery to clear calcification off of his right shoulder. Everything went as expected, according to Brian Cashman.

"I spoke to Dr. Alchek and there were no surprises," Cashman told Peter Abraham. "Everything was as they thought it would be. He can start throwing again in three months, which is not atypical for him, anyway. So, that was good news."
Posted by: Patrick's Bryan Hoch reports that Mo will have surgery on Tuesday to remove calcification above the AC joint in his right shoulder.