12/17: Mariano Rivera Named Closer of the Year in the 2009 This Year in Baseball Awards

Posted by: Patrick
The results of the 2009 This Year in Baseball awards are in and Mariano Rivera was named Closer of the Year with 46.9% of the vote spread among 10 candidates. Second place was Jonathan Papelbon of the Red Sox with 8.8%.

In the Moment of the Year category, Mr. Rivera collecting save number 500 came in 7th place out of 10 with 5.6%. Derek Jeter becoming the Yankees all-time hit leader took the award with 24.6%.

Thank you to Mr. Gomez for the tip.


moises Young Diaz wrote:

I do not know where is my previous comments of few minutes ago; maybe, I deleted it, being so excited of this wonderful news.

Congrats to the Panamanian Sensational, Mariano Rivera, No. 42, from La Chorrera, Panama. Mo, you are the best of the best. Record-setting closer, who helped lead the NYY to their 27th WSC, while winning the fifth WS title of his career; allowing just ONE run in 16 innings in 2009 and with 5 SV out of 5 SVO. I have seen a lot of really good baseball players, but when it comes to he 9th inning and the closer is Mariano, well He is the best ever. Felicitaciones por tan alto honor en este ano. Arriba Mariano.
Moises from Panama
12/18 09:55:58

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