02/24: Yankees Take the Day Off for Pool Tournament; Mo Wins

Posted by: Patrick
On Monday, after polling some veterans last week, Joe Girardi decided to give the team a day off and take everyone to a pool hall to play a 2 on 2 tournament. Bryan Hoch, Peter Abraham (pictures), Abraham, Roderick Boone, Tyler Kepner and Marc Carig have reports.

So, who won? None other than Mariano Rivera. "It looked like he was pretty good," Johnny Damon said, according to Carig. "He definitely had that closer mentality, even playing pool."


franklin Gomez wrote:

Mo is the greatest at everything!..... arriba Panama.... hope to see Mo with Panama in the World Baseball Classic as a support at least the first game against Puerto Rico, even we all know that he is unable to pitch in this turnament!!!!!

Regards from Panama
02/24 16:32:49

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