07/21: Rivera Pitches Perfect Ninth Inning as Yankees Split Series vs. Halos

Posted by: David
The game started off with Javier Vazquez cruising through the first four innings. The Yankees had jumped out to a 5-0 lead off Joel Pineiro but Javy lost it in the fifth inning. The Angels came roaring back and scored three runs. Vazquez had more pitches in the fifth inning then he had in the previous four combined. The Angels did Vazquez a favor when Aybar tried to steal third with one out and Cervelli gunned him down. Vazquez struck out the next batter and the Yankees had the lead at 6-3.

In the sixth, Vazquez did not retire a batter and surrendered a two run home run to Hideki Matsui to pull the Angels to within a run at 6-5.

The Yankees erupted however with the Baby Yankees from down on the farm contributing. Juan Miranda hit a home run to deep right and then a very unusual play happened. The Yankees had two runners on and Brett Gardner was at bat. When the count got to 0-2 he must have argued too much and got tossed. Colin Curtis was inserted to complete the AB and delivered a three run homer to give the Yankees a comfortable lead at 10-5.

Joba Chamberlain gave up one run and Mo was summoned for the ninth even though the game was not in a save situation. Rivera retired Matsui on a bouncer back to the mound for the first out. Mike Napoli popped out to second and Juan Rivera struck out swinging to end the game.

Rivera is 3-1 on the season with 20 saves in 22 save opportunities. His 2010 season ERA now stands at 0.98.


franklin g˛mez wrote:

MO was impressive today, I mean good pitches, good location, good control, good everything.... a 40 year old man with an ERA of 0.98???? wow... thats unbelievable!!!
07/21 17:30:00

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