04/05: Richard Gere Interviews Mariano Rivera for Gotham Magazine

Posted by: Patrick
Gotham Magazine has a great interview with Mariano Rivera, conducted by actor Richard Gere.

He discusses the early stages of his career, the loss of George Steinbrenner, how he deals with losses on the field and more.

RG: Iíve watched you pitch many, many times, and as everyone knows, 99 percent of the time you succeed, but one percent of the time you donít. The way you deal with the blown save is the difference between you and most players. The mental strength that you have to let it go, to keep your mind clean, and start fresh every timeóhow are you able to do that?

MR: I learned early in my life that sometimes Iím going to lose. I donít like it, but I accept it, meaning that I understand itís going to happen. But I donít see it like defeat; I see it like a learning process. Then if thereís nothing to learn, I move on. Iím going to give you a good example. Itís a big one, but itís good. Itís the World Series, 2001, Game 7. We were winning by one run in the ninth inning against Arizona. Iím going out for my second inning, and we lost the game. I was sitting there in my locker and I wouldnít say I was devastated, but I was hurt. But I accepted it. I remember that Mr. George Steinbrenner was there, and I looked into his eyes and said, ďBoss, I did my best; my best wasnít enough today.Ē And he just hugged me and he said, ďYouíre okay, son.Ē

Check out the cover for the issue below.

Mariano Rivera on the Cover of Gotham Magazine


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