"I think the good Lord is a Yankee."
- Mariano Rivera

"I get the ball, I throw the ball and then I take a shower."
- Mariano Rivera

"I don't go that far back or forward. I am thankful for today. I don't do next month, I don't do next week. I donít do yesterday. I don't do tomorrow. I thank the Lord for that day. I keep it simple. That's it."
- Mariano Rivera

"Reminded me of myself a long time ago."
- Dwight Gooden on Rivera's performance during the 1996 season.

"Without question we're talking about the best reliever, in my opinion, in the history of baseball. This guy has become branded with the Yankee logo. People are going to remember this man for so long for what he's done."
- Brian Cashman

"He's the best I've ever been around. Not only the ability to pitch and perform under pressure, but the calm he puts over the clubhouse. He's very important for us because he's a special person."
- Joe Torre

"He's very special. He loves the competition. He's always responded real well in big games. I think when you talk about his career, the reason he'll go to the Hall of Fame is all about the postseason. He's been second to none."
- Joe Torre

"I call Mo 'the Equalizer.' I mean, I can't tell you how comforting it felt to have him come in when I left the game."
- Roger Clemens

"He's the most mentally tough person I've ever played with."
- Derek Jeter

"We don't want to face him any more. He's too good. He belongs in a higher league. He should be banned from baseball."
- Tom Kelly

"I saw some special on TV last night comparing me and him, and I'm like, "What are these guys doing? Are they serious?""
- J. Brent Cox

"He's pretty much automatic. When he comes in the game, the feeling is that it's over with."
- Derek Jeter

"Sheff goes, "That's a legend right there sitting next to you" and Gary Sheffield is a potential Hall of Famer, he's the one who singles out Mo. Those are the kinds of things that stick out in your mind. ... [Rivera] might be the most respected player in the league."
- Michael Young

"If my life depended on it - if my daughter's life depended on it - I'd want Mariano Rivera closing. Wouldn't you?"
- Alex Rodriguez

"I'm sure you can learn it, but it won't cut like his."
- Mike Mussina, talking about Mo's cutter

"That stuff of his is unbelievable. That stuff is unfair."
- Joe Mauer

"The best ever, no doubt."
- Dennis Eckersley

"I think everyone should look up to Mariano. Not just relievers, players in general. He doesn't show anyone up, he treats his teammates with respect, he treats his opponents with respect."
-Joe Nathan

"You know, I don't think there's anything to say. That's what he does and that's why he's the best that's ever been and I'm glad he's on our side."
- Mike Mussina, talking about Mo after Mo pitched 2 innings of shutout ball (including getting out of a bases loaded, 1 out jam) against the Red Sox on 8/20/06

"I canít believe it. If you told me that 10 years ago, I would tell you you were drunk."
- Mariano Rivera on 425th save

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